Saturday, May 9, 2009

so even though we are less than two months away from coming home (i actually just stopped to check a calendar and it's less than 6 1/2 weeks...whew! that is soon!), bech and i are actually both going through serious homesickness. the last time i felt this homesick was over christmas. this is a little strange because, like i just said, we will be home so soon. and we are both really sad to leave this country. but we are so ready to be home! i don't think i have ever loved America as much as i do right now. so here are a few pictures of people we miss.

now, i do have to give a disclaimer. we don't have all of our pictures on our computer (they were taking up too much space, so some got moved to a back-up hardrive). so you are not going to see a picture of katy (which does not mean i love her any less than the rest of my family). i just couldn't find a recent one of her from this past summer. i mean, i could show you all a picture of her when she came to visit me in malawi, but that would be a little silly. but she is about to be a J.D.!!! she graduates from law school today! so maybe my mom will email me a picture and i can show you all how cute she looks in her hat, gown, and hood. i, by the way, am a little obsessed with the whole "hood" thing. i can't way to graduate from graduate school so that i too can wear a little hood on my head. i know, i's slightly weird.

here i am with my nana and was my birthday and my nana made me a marmalade cake (which, if you were at our wedding, is what our wedding cake was based on). i am really, really excited to see my nana and papa...i have seen everyone else in my family but them! i miss them a LOT.

blaise and my mom at cantina de laredo...the best mexican food! and when i get home, blaise will be 19 (well, he already is, but i haven't seen him as a 19 year old). mom will be...hah! don't worry, mother! i won't tell your age.

my dad (brookhaven is lucky to have you!) and my 16 year old "baby" sister!

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