Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a trip to the market

sorry i am just now adding captions to this post. the pictures finished uploading right when we had to go to the jr./sr. banquet (more on that later) let me explain everything!

i have talked about going to the market before...there are many all over lilongwe, but this one is the BIG one! it is "across the bridge," in area 3. it is HUGE, loud, and slightly smelly (a mix of body odor, food, chickens, fish, etc.).

live chickens for sale!

i have no idea what this is. becca and i saw it in the market last week. i had never seen it before. we asked the women what it was, and they said it was made out of nsema. but nsema is white, so i'm not sure what makes it black. so i'm not sure i want to know what it's made out of!

another shot of the mystery pie!

women selling fresh peas and beans.

more beans and some potatoes

i wish i could show you what it feels to be in this market. it is an experience! it was scary the first few times, and now its kinda fun. its loud and crazy, lots going on. usually i am one of the only uzungus (whites) there. people are selling clothes, pirated dvds, toothbrushes (that aren't covered...ugh!), shoes, everything you could think of! you can by butchered cow and pig meat. you can buy live animals. so i guess you'll all just have to come visit us and see for yourself!


Gamard said...

What are those things in the second and third pictures? They look like some kind of nut, but like a giant nut! Can't wait to see ya'll again! Reserve us a timeslot when you get to Oxford!

hamblha said...


Are you living in Oxford when you get back? I'm moving there in August, and I'll be going to school at Ole Miss. What are your plans?

Hillary H