Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day

(this is the first picture taken of my mom and me)

since it is mother's day, i would like to share the reasons why my mother is amazing:

1. My mother makes the BEST food ever. seriously. hands down, no competition. her cheese grits are WAY better looking than this picture i found on the internet, but her cheese grits may be her best dish.

2. my mother knows the answer to almost everything. you can ask her a cooking question, a relationship question, a clothes question...whatever you want to ask, she's got a good (and probably right) answer.

3. my mom (with the help of my sisters) packed me boxes for each month (well except august, because we started out the month in the u.s.) we have spent in malawi. the first 4 months were sent on the container, mom brought the next 3, and katy brought the final 3. every box has been really fun. i am always amazed at how well my mom knows me and thus what to pack. in this last box, she packed a hershey's cookies and cream candy bar...which is my favorite candy bar! i have liked it since i was 6 (or something like that). i remember going to the store and buying this candy bar, while mom got a hershey's mint bar (which they don't even make anymore). so it was really sweet for her to remember how much i love this bar and to pack it. i am saving it in the fridge for a bad day.

2. my mother loves laughing at really stupid things. in fact my whole family does...that's what makes the bradens so much fun (okay, okay, i know that statement is up for debate!). i just love hanging out with her, going to wal-mart, going to sid's, etc.

1. my mom is one of the most "i'm 3rd" people EVER. she is so sacrificial. she gives her time, energy, and money to take care of her family. and she does an amazing job at her.

so, to the world's best mom ever....Happy Mothers Day, Mom!!!

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