Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jennifer Knapp

A girl Bech works with told us about Jennifer Knapp on Larry King Live. Jennifer Knapp, who was a former Christian recording artist, recently came out as being homosexual. She says she is still "a woman of faith." We decided to watch the episode, and I had a few comments to share.

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1. This makes me really sad, as it does Bob Botsford.

2. Bech and I know Bob Botsford! Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. Bob came to ABC Malawi to do the graduation speech. We met him then and we got to go out to eat with him afterword. I actually sat next to him. So we really do know him.

3. Larry King is really really antagonistic to Bob, which is really frustrating.

4. Jennifer Knapp is really really antagonistic as well. She wants to believe what she wants, view the Bible how she wants to, but Bob is not allowed to. Bob is not allowed to merely (and kindly) say that he is praying for her, he loves her, he will continue to pray for her, etc. She is allowed to have her own opinion, but goodness forbid he does!

5. Jennifer Knapp is really upset that Bob made a blog post talking about how this saddens him. But she is the one who came out. She put herself out in the public. And she is a public figure. He didn't trash her or say lies about her.

6. Bob did a pretty good job under pressure. The only thing I had problems with was when he used the phrase "God changed his mind" twice. Now granted, he only had a short amount of time, so he couldn't totally explain that. But God doesn't change his mind, and we shouldn't use that phrase to describe him. It humanizes God too much.

7. Ted drives me insane! He never commits, he never states an actual fact. He wants the Bible to be open to interpretation. Plus, he insists on calling Bob, "the pastor."

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this show...

New post with pictures coming soon, but first I need to take the pictures (of Bech and my arms!)...


Bethany Reine' said...

wow-that's all i can say. poor bob, he got ganged up on. larry king is crazy and so antagonistic. he just wanted to start a fight.

i just want to ask-why in the world was ted there? he seems like he is still confused about what he believes.

ahh-very interesting. thanks for posting this.

Bethany Reine' said...

by the way-what do you think about this video:

derek webb and jennifer knapp going on tour together?

Michael Price said...

It's frustrating to me how LKing calls Bob out for talking about homosexuality as a sin while not talking explicitly about his own sin. Yes, Bob's sin deserves the same penalty as JKnapp's but they weren't on the show to talk about Bob. They were talking about JKnapp.

I really like what Bob said about not making decisions based on our feelings but on fact, the truth of scripture. I think this would have been his strongest argument if he had elaborated a bit on it because I think it really serves to nullify the question Is homosexuality a choice?

It makes sence in my head. Let's talk about this at church tonight.