Saturday, April 17, 2010


Bech listens to NPR a good bit...recently, he came across a singer on "All Songs Considered." His name is K'naan. He's from Somalia, but moved to Toronto when he was 13 (I think). Anyway, he is amazing. He is a hip hop artist, but his songs have amazing depth to them.

Here's "Fatima":

This might be my favorite right now.

"Wavin' Flag" is the theme song of the 2010 World Cup:

Go to this site. It's the link to the "Tiny Desk" concert on All Songs Considered. Its an acoustic set and it's incredible!!!

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Jonathan and Jessica Robson said...

My 20 month old daughter LOVEs K'naan. She thinks wavin' flag is about a sheep ."and then it goes baa" !!

Congrats on grad school-I hope you can afford a nice winter coat. It will be worth it. : )

We're headed to malawi in august. We'll be in touch.

with care-jess