Sunday, September 16, 2012

5th Anniversary

Yesterday, Bech and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (and Thursday was 8 years since our first date!).  Bech's parents came down to Baton Rouge and babysat Jack and let us use their New Orleans apartment for the weekend!

We had a great time, but I missed Baby Jack.  Before this, I had only been away from him one night--and it was while we were moving, so I was too exhausted to miss him!  But I have now successfully spent two nights away from him.  I don't want to do it often (I missed him too much!), but I was proud of myself.

In typical Marley fashion, I took no pictures of Bech and me this weekend.  I did, however, take pictures of all of the yummy food we ate!

We got to New Orleans about 7:30 Friday night.  We walked down to Magazine Street (only a few blocks from Bech's parent's place) for dinner.  We ended up eating at The Rum House, a Caribbean taqueria.  SO good!  We were exhausted, though, and had to wait for about 45 minutes, so it ended up being the fastest meal we had eaten in a while.

Saturday morning, we attempted to sleep in.  Which, of course, means that we didn't.  Why is that always the case? 

We headed to the French Quarter in the morning.  The St. Charles street car from where we were to Canal Street is being worked on, so we took the bus.  It was fine, but I was a little bummed to not ride the street car.  But I know there will be many more opportunities!

No New Orleans weekend is complete without Cafe du Monde...yum!  

After some beignets and coffee, we wandered around, checking out the markets and stores.  I found an Elvis nutcracker in a Christmas shop there...I think my dad needs this!

I fell in love with this amazing shop, The Spice and Tea Exchange.  We didn't buy anything this time, but I definitely want to visit it again.

We headed back to the apartment (and took naps--we are SO wild sans Jack!).  Late afternoon we headed out to Magazine Street and checked out the shops.  We were looking for a happy for Jack, but didn't find anything we loved.

We ate dinner at Joey K's.  Nothing fancy, but sooo good.  I had fried soft shell crab.  It was my first time, and I LOVED it!  I think I have a new favorite dish.

We got dessert at Sucre.  It was the cutest shop and everything looked yummy.  I got a cupcake and Bech tried their chocolate.

We had a great weekend, but I was happy to spend time with my little man today.  He got cuter over the is that possible?

As we ate our meal last night, I was thinking about some of our favorite David Wilcox lyrics:

"Happy Anniversary, Darling.
We go back a long, long time.
I think about our lives together,
I'm so grateful you are here in mine.
And I know you'll keep on changing,
You're moving in this dance with me.
I love the way we embrace the future
And keep the past a memory."

And, of course, I tell Bech every anniversary what Davy and Sheldon said:

"If it's half as good as the half before, here's Hail to the rest of the road!"

Happy Anniversary, Bech.  Here's to many more years even more wonderful than the first five!

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