Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm still alive...

I know, I have not blogged in forever.  We have been crazy lately!

Here's what we've been up to:

* I took the first part of my comps for my masters (and the hardest of the three tests!).  This test is a sight translation--two Greek passages (poetry and prose) and two Latin passages (same).  I had to pass this one in its entirety (not like a 70% or anything like that) in order to take the other two.  I passed half--the prose section.  I was not surprised, but still sad.  I completely bombed the Greek poetry section.  Literally, Homer was probably rolling in his grave.  I was bummed, but then I ate the Ben and Jerry's ice cream that I had on hand, and life was good again.  

I can't take the exam again until January, so I am working on my translation in the mean time (and studying for the other two!).

* Jack is currently the daycare biter.  Ugh.  I don't know what to do about it!  He bit three people on Monday and one child today.  He gets mad because he wants a toy they have, and he reaches over and bites.  Total depravity, anyone?

Seriously, though, I have no idea how to deal with this.  They put him in "the thinking chair," but I'm not sure how much he understands.  If he did it at home (which he doesn't do), I would give his hand a pinch.  But they don't do physical punishment there (which I totally understand).  Any tips?  Anyone had the biter before?

* Bech and my 5 year anniversary is this Saturday.  We are going to New Orleans (to stay in Bech's parents condo), and Bech's parents are watching Jack.  I am really sad about leaving Jack.  I have only been away from him one night, and that was while we were moving (so I was too tired to even notice!).  

I am excited, though, about exploring New Orleans with Bech and not having to worry about naptime or enough snacks.  It will be fun to be kid free for a little bit!

*  Teaching is good, still, but hard!  Progress reports were this week, so I've had lots of not so fun emails with parents.  It is hard to tell parents that their child isn't doing so hot in my class.  The parents have, for the most part, been so great in their responses, and I am thankful for that!

I think that's all I have for tonight.  There is a Sophocles chorus that is needing my attention!

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Bethany Reine' said...

oh marley, i'm sorry about the biting. it's so hard!! eli is still a biter and we struggle all the time with it. that's not to say "once a biter, always a biter". most likely, jack will grow out of it, like the throwing stage and hitting stage, etc.

the "quiet chair" is fine and all, but you could also pick a word or phrase associated with biting and have his teachers use it too. something like "teeth are for food, not people" or even just "no bite!". consistency does help in these types of issues.

poor little jack!