Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Happenings

Please excuse the awful, blurry iphone photos.  It was a busy weekend!

Every Friday at daycare, the babies have worn their team gear.  We had an Auburn cheerleader, two LSU cheerleaders, and a little Ole Miss player this past week.  Jack loves his Rebels!

Friday, right after school, Jack and I jumped in the car and headed to Brookhaven for the weekend.
As soon as we got home, KK gave Jack his first Janie's cookie.  Janie's is this great little bakery in Brookhaven, and their cookies are SO good.  Jack agreed.

As a side note, Jack looks like a total redneck in this picture.  I apologize.  I do not normally let my child go around in sleeveless outfits (unless they are bubbles, smocked, or monogrammed).  This is Jack's extra outfit at daycare.

Also, I'm pretty sure he has sucker rubbed into his hair.  That's what I do to get a 15 month old happy on the car ride home.  Give him suckers, that is, not rub it in his hair.  You can guess who did that!

 Sunday was a great relaxing day.  We started off with a walk downtown so that Jack could have another Janie's first--a doughnut!  He loved this as well.  

Jack took great naps and got lots of cuddle time in with his grandparents and his aunts and uncle.  I think everyone was glad to see him.

After some outside playtime and grilled hamburgers, Jack and I headed back to Baton Rouge Saturday night.

Bech got lots of pottery time while we were gone, but he was glad to see us!

Today was slightly dramatic.  Tonight while making homemade chicken stock, Bech sliced the tip of his finger.  We hurried to an urgent care center near our house and they were able to glue it back together (cheaper, easier, and less painful than stitches).  

The good news is that, while waiting at the pharmacy for his painkiller prescription, I got my highest Temple Run score ever.  Are you impressed?  Or embarrassed for me?  

I am both.

But mostly impressed with myself!  Ha!

Hopefully this week will be a lot less busy and dramatic.  But next weekend we head to Jackson for Bech's 10 year high school reunion!

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