Monday, September 24, 2012

Traveling with Cloth

This past weekend, Jack and I headed to Brookhaven for a night. Usually when we are gone from our house overnight, Jack wears disposables. We've done that since he was a newborn. 

 But this time I felt kind of adventurous and decided to just use his cloth diapers. Overall, it was not a bad experience. I had his plastic bin that holds his diapers from daycare (because we left right from school). I cleaned out his diapers at my parents and used the bin to hold his dirty diapers. Once the diapers were in the bin, no one complained about the smell (one of my worries!). 

 I will definitely do it again. It saved us a few dollars and was really not that hard. But I will change one thing next time--flushable liners! We have some liners that we were given when Jack was born. We have used them a few time, but we have a sprayer so we've never used them on a full time basis.  Plus, they aren't super cheap, so I've never wanted to get too dependent on them.

But has these liners at a good price (plus 10% off and 4% cash back through ebates).  I think I am going to order some and then travel using cloth more.  We are headed to Jackson this weekend for Bech's high school reunion...might be a good time to try this!

Any readers out there do cloth?  Do you travel with them?

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Bella said...

Bella will have her own stock of disposables...leave those cloth diapers at home!

Danielle said...

We always travel with cloth. The first time it was a learning experience and now it is just habit! I love cloth diapering, it makes my heart happy. (Strange, I know)

Liz T. said...

We don't usually travel with cloth, mainly because when we travel, we travel very long distances in the car to NC or MI and multiple days in the car would be difficult and probably smelly! But shorter distances are definitely doable with flushable liners :)

AFG said...

Generally we travel with cloth if it's just for a weekend and pack plenty of plastic bags for the smell. Then I wash right when we come home.
If we're leaving for longer (4+ days), we pack disposables.
I never want diapers to cause additional stress, and that is sortof my "litmus test" for what to travel with, depending on how I've timed it with laundry, general activity level of the trip, etc.

The Life Of Faith said...

I'm excited about cloth diapering when my baby girl gets here. I followed the link for those liners and they were out of stock. Boo:( Oh well, I plan to use those while traveling to make things a little easier:) Thanks for linking up with Mommy Moments!

Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

I wish we could cloth diaper! If I stayed home, we totally would! Thanks for stopping by the Mommy Moments link up!

The Mrs

Callie Nicole said...

You are so brave! I haven't tried traveling with cloth yet - it kind of scares me! Is the reunion trip a one-nighter too, or longer? If it's a longer trip you have to tell me how it goes and give more pointers!