Monday, March 24, 2014

15 Weeks

I'm not crazy about this picture.  Let's just be honest...I am not going to be crazy about pretty much any picture I put on these posts!  But looking back on my pregnancy with Jack, I was a little bummed that I didn't keep this updated with pictures so that I could compare the next time around.  So I am going to try put up pictures, because I know I will want them later!

How Far Along:

I am 15 weeks today!

 Baby Size:

The baby is 4 inches long and 2.5 ounces in weight--about the size of an orange.

Maternity Clothes:

I have been rocking the loose sweaters and maternity pants.  I don't feel like my bump is really defined enough to wear the tighter maternity shirts, but I know that day is coming soon.


Not bad.  I do wake up several times a night to go to the bathroom, which isn't fun.


I've felt the baby a couple of times this week!

Best Moment This Week:

Honestly, this has been a tough week!  Bech was gone for most of it to a national ceramics conference, so I was solo parenting.  Single parents, I have the utmost respect for you are amazing!

So maybe the best moment was Bech getting home!

Food Cravings:

 Cinnamon sticks!  A sweet friend brought over pizza and cinnamon sticks and they were perfect.

Food Aversions:

Still meat (although I ate part of a hamburger today).

What I Miss:

Margaritas.  I don't think this answer will change.  Although, I could also really go for a medium rare steak!

What I Am Looking Forward To:

Finding out the gender!  We got to find out Jack's gender at 15 weeks (thank you, Dad's friends who are all OBGYN's), so I feel like we are having to wait extra long on this one!

Also, I can't wait for Bech and Jack to be able to feel the baby move.


Not really any this week.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

I still have crazy hormones.  RUF songs reduce me to tears.


We won't know for 5 more weeks!

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Bess said...

Can't wait to find out the gender!!!