Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back to the ole blog!

Remember when I used to actually post on my blog?

Yeah, me neither.

Seriously, the past two months have been tough.  I started work, Jack started daycare, Bech started his second semester of grad school (complete with 2 night classes!).  There have been several nights where we have waddled in the door (due to our puffy jackets) at almost 6 and eaten cereal for dinner.  

So what have I not blogged about the past two months?

Well...for starters it has been CRAZY cold and snowy.

We are getting pretty good at driving in the midst of snow storms.  This winter has been rough.  I know it's been tough on the south too, which is really saying something. 

I am hoping that the winter is almost over.  This weekend we are getting up to the 40's, which seems downright toasty to me right now.  Even poor Jack is done with this weather.  The past two mornings while I put on his coat, he has cried and said, "I not like the cold."  

Me too, buddy, me too.

The long weekdays have made the weekends more special.  We have tried to enjoy our time together.

One weekend, we made the almost 10 hour trek to Nashville and back for my goddaughter's dedication.  It was a lot of time in the car, but totally worth it.  We love our sweet friends there and are always happy to spend time with them!

We went to get some BBQ for Valentine's Day.  Here's my little lovebug in his VDay shirt from Bella.

Finally, my child likes fries!  I was getting a little worried about him.

We've gotten to spend some time with State College friends, too.  This is Jack and his buddy Preston.  They are 9 months apart, but Jack LOVES Preston.

He used to show his affection by pushing him down, but lately they've just been playing Thomas together.  Much better!

We've had several other meals with friends, which is wonderful.  We have some sweet, sweet friends up here.  

We also have a sweet church, which we joined this past month!

 Finally, here is a picture of Jack from yesterday.  His Nina (Bech's mom) sent him a Mardi Gras shirt.  How old does my little boy look here?  I can't even handle it.  No more Baby Jack.  Heck, I'm not even sure I can get away with Toddler Jack for much longer!

So that's a brief summary of the past two months.  Honestly, there have just been a lot nights in, cuddling and watching Tarzan for the umpteenth time.  We are ready for some warmth and some sunshine!

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