Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Break

So this spring break, I flew home by myself with two boys.  Bech's thesis show was only a couple of weeks after spring break, so it gave him lots of time at the studio and the boys and I got to see family.  Win-win, right?

Flying with both boys by myself?  Eh, not so fun.  But we managed.  And both boys were actually really, really good.  The only flight that was rough was the last one on the way back.  Jack was getting a little restless.  But even then, the flight attendant told me after that flight that Jack was great.  So not too bad, but very stressful for me!

Gilbo, being a sweetheart and sleeping.  He was quite the flirt on all four flights!

My little goofy boy, Jack.

(excuse the next two pictures, they are screen shots so not the best quality)

Jack spent the first three days of spring break in New Orleans with Nina and Farfar (Bech's parents).  He had a great time, and I think he loved getting to be an only child for a bit.

Here he is dressed up like a "cooker man," just like his Uncle Hunter.

My sweet Gilly boy.  He is just getting to be so fun.  He loved getting cuddled and hugged.  He is a little snuggle bunny, so this was a great trip for him,

My grandparents drove back from Florida early.  Jack got to make doughnuts with Nana one morning.

I only had one great grandmother growing up (and I know that I am lucky to even have had one!).  Jack and Gil have three!  How amazing is that?  Jack just adores his Nana and Papa...and, of course, Nana's doughnuts!

We joined in on a St. Paddy's day parade in Brookhaven.

Even Gil took part.  

Although he looks less than impressed.

Jack went to the Children's Museum and the Aquarium in New Orleans and the Natural Science Museum in Jackson.  This is part of the dinosaur exhibit in Jackson.  He liked this part the best.  He was not impressed by the two headed snake (seriously, doesn't that sound cool?  I thought so...).

You didn't know ladybugs could ride dinosaurs?

Gil got some Papa snuggles too.

It was so warm while we were home.  We spent a lot of time rocking on the front porch in the warm weather, one of my favorite things to do in Brookhaven.

It was a pretty relaxing trip.  We shopped some and ate yummy food.  I helped my mom clean out her kitchen.  We went to a couple of movies.

And, let's be real.  I ate a couple of these.

Y'all know I love me some snow cones.

And we may have made a couple of Sonic stops too...

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