Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Lulls and Moving

Remember when I used to post?

I read this post last month and was really struck by this line:

“Oh, sister. Pay attention to the lulls.”

I feel like this past fall and spring have been all about the lulls.  Some have been absolutely normal, we just had a second baby and life is crazy lulls.  Some have been more intense lulls, when life has been just extra hard.  Some have been lulls because my husband is in graduate school, in a two year program for a terminal degree.  And some have been lulls because I would honestly rather take a nap most days than blog.

But Bech's thesis show was last week.  And Gil is older and easier.  And it's spring and Aslan is on the move.  So, hopefully the lulls are over for a bit, because I do like to look back on this blog and see what we were up to.

I need to post on our trip to Mississippi for spring break and about Bech's thesis show.  I also need to put up Gil's latest post (7 months yesterday!).  And I want to post about some books, shows, and movies I've read.  Plus, Jack needs a post, don't you think?

But that will wait for a couple of days.  We are in early spring, which by now is synonymous with, "What the heck are we doing next year?"  Except for when we were in Vermont and lived in one apartment for two years, we have moved every summer since we got married.  In fact, in Malawi, we moved onto campus halfway through the year, so it's evened out to one move a year.  

Y'all, that is exhausting, not to mention expensive!  But, we are hoping that once we move again this summer, it will be a semi-permanent move (I don't know how long, I just know we won't move in a year or two!).

I am really excited about that prospect.  I love the idea of unpacking boxes and knowing that I won't pack them up again next year.  And I love the thought of making friends and knowing we won't be leaving soon.  I have definitely checked out emotionally in some sense the past month or two.  And Bech checked out a while ago, too.  It is hard on the heart to move so much!

So where are we moving to?

We don't actually know that...yet.  We have on possibility, and maybe in the next week or so I will get to share that!  But it may not happen, and I am trying to really rest in God's sovereignty right now.  If it doesn't work out, on to the next plan!

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