Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 days left!

We have only 2 days until we leave! I cannot even believe it! We have been so busy and will continue to be even busier. Plus, we have LOTS of goodbyes that are happening and will happen.

Here are some pictures of our empty living room:

this bed was picked up by the buyer this morning.

We are feeling a lot less stressed about the car situation. I'm not worried that it won't sell...because it will, eventually. We just wanted it to sell before we left, plus we will need some of the money pretty soon. Some of the money is our savings for this year, but some of the money is to pay our deposit on our apartment, our first month rent, etc. But I have good news. I just totaled up the money we have from checks (from ABC people we have sold stuff to), and it equals the amount we need to pay our apartment deposit! How amazing is that! So God is taking care of us, and our car will sell according to His plan, not ours.

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Courtney said...

you're coming home tomorrow! you're coming home tomorrow! :)