Thursday, June 4, 2009

as promised, here are some ballet pictures:

becca and i with alice ann and ruthie jones! i absolutely LOVE these girls (and their whole family). john, the dad, is from richton, and emily, the mom, is from ft. payne. they are moving to indianola next year, so we will get to see them! i have already made plans with their 4 sweet children to hang out in the grove. only alice ann is in the ballet class, but we couldn't leave ruthie out!

some on my youngest girls: charlotte, bess, megan, martha, and simone.

on a side note, pray for me not to go absolutely insane!!! there is a problem with the internet, so we don't have it at our house right now (its okay most other places on campus). and i need it to work on the yearbook! ahhhhhh!