Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today was awards day. Everything went really well. Already, though, I am having to say goodbye to students! :( Today, Cynthia left to go to England. She is going to boarding school there and the terms are different dates than ours. So I believe she will start school next week sometime.

Tomorrow is my last day with Geerten and Shalom. Geerten is just leaving early to spend the holiday with family in South Africa. Shalom's family is moving to Blantyre. And Josh and Jessie are already gone! I am going to miss these kids so much!

For you Brookhaven readers: I went by the Chinchens to welcome Claire Cox and Mary Gwen Lynch (and their friend). They are here safe and sound! They are in the "we just walked off of a 24 hour plane trip into a 3rd world country and we need sleep and to feel normal" daze...I remember that so well!

Mary Gwen's grandfather, Ed Williford, and his wife Sally have been here at ABC the past two weeks. Ed is on the board of ABC so he came for college graduation. We have loved having some fellow southerners here with us! They leave tomorrow and will be taking back 2 bags for us!!! Wow, what a blessing! We are extremely thankful!

Speaking of the Willifords, we were able to have them to dinner one night last week. Sally walked in the door and said, "I can't tell who you look more like, your mother or your father." I wish I could explain how that felt! It was amazing! We have gotten so close to everyone here, and we love our friends here so much. But at the end of the day, they (or most of them) don't know the things that make us "us": our families, our towns, our college, our favorite restaurants and stores, our churches, our elementary schools, all of the experiences throughout our lives that have shaped our personalities. And obviously the most important thing from that list is family. My parents came to visit and people said, "Oh, you look like Marley." But I look like them! And I loved being reminded of that by someone who knows my parents!

Needless to say, we are ready to see our families! I can't wait to hug my parents and my siblings. And I really can't wait to see my Nana and Papa. They are the best grandparents ever and it has been so hard not to see them for a year!!! Nana, Bech is already asking if we can go blueberry picking when we get back. Also, I want to learn how to can.

We will see you all soon!!!

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