Monday, June 7, 2010

our trip to vermont!

We had a wonderful time in Vermont! It is beautiful there right now. Except for one rainy day, it was in the mid-80's.

We were both a little hesitant the first day there. We felt so foreign, even if we didn't necessarily look like it! But the second day there was great. We were able to meet with two different families. The first was our future pastor and his wife. He is the pastor of the only PCA church in Vermont. We loved them and they made us so excited to move here! Then we were able to go to my professor's house. He and his wife live on and run a farm (well, I guess she mostly runs it because he is teaching). The farm is about an hour from Burlington. The drive down was gorgeous...I can't wait to explore rural Vermont! The family was so kind and welcoming.

We found where we are living...the graduate student housing. When we first looked at it a few months ago, we thought it was too far from the school. But there is a bus that goes from the school to the apartments (since we are going to sell my car I need to be able to get to school some other way). Plus the apartments are a lot closer than we thought.

We mostly just spent a lot of time exploring the town of Burlington. We ate tons of good food as well. I could do a whole post on the food there, so maybe I will. But I am ready to go to bed now, so I will just share a few pictures:

Lake Champlain

A marina at the lake

Church Street--a pedestrians only part of town with great shops and restaurants

The quad at UVM

some of the buildings at UVM

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The Sherrill Family said...

Hey. I was forwarded your blog post about trip to vermont by probable pastor of new pca burlington church plant. I think Seth (St. Alban's pastor) must have forwarded it to him. My wife and I currently live in Boston, but would like to move up and be part of plant. Email me if you would like to talk about it. Congratulations on moving to Burlington!