Friday, June 11, 2010

pictures (and not JUST of food!)

I realize that Bech and I are very bad at taking pictures of actual people. So we took a picture of ourselves before a party the other we are!

And here are pictures of our sushi from last Sundays lunch. We've made it two other times (well I think Bech has made it a few more than that by himself) this year. I finally feel like we are getting semi good at it. I mean, not really good, but maybe we are near having guests over to eat our sushi.

My inside out rolls!

Our lunch. Bech made the rolls on the left...amazing! He cooked shrimp Japanese style, put it on top of a bed of rice with a very thin slice of lemon in between.

And of course, I needed some ponsu and wasabi to dip it in!

Of course, not every roll turned out is our island of misfit sushi!

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