Monday, February 28, 2011

25 weeks!

How far along: 25 weeks and 1 day!

Baby size: 13.7 inches, 1 1/2 pounds

Maternity clothes: yup

Sleep: I have had great sleep lately...and lots of it!

Best moment this week: Bech's parents sent us some happies for Jack!

Movement: He is a little kicker (I can totally see Emily saying that..."Look at him kicking, he's just a little kicker!). Bech gets to feel him a lot now.

Food cravings: Coke Icees

What I miss: Margaritas. I know I say it every week, but I really do miss it!

What I am looking forward to: DC next week. So yeah, that has nothing to do with Jack. But not everything I look forward to has to do with Jack, so I think it's okay.

Milestones: I never know how to answer this. Um...we have a crib that a milestone?

Pregnancy Symptoms: Heartburn started this weekend :(

Stretch marks: nope :)

Here's a few random pictures from this past week...

Alright, here's an update on the Coke Icee situation in Vermont. Apparently, they don't call them Coke Icees here. And they don't have the coke flavor at a lot of places. But you can find the cherry flavor if you look for a "slushie" or a "slurpie." Crazy Yankees. But I shouldn't complain because now I know where to get them!

Here is the crib and the mattress. And of course we are using it to store things in! Right now it's holding my diaper bag, nursing cover, stuffed animals, and a piece of art I need to frame.

Our friend Michael is here visiting us. His wife and he gave us this really cute giraffe stuffed animal...I love it!

Here's a picture of our first package from the Evans. Jack got socks, a blanket, a "lovey," a towel, washclothes, an outfit, and two nightgowns. We got another package a few days later with some monogrammed blankets, burb clothes, and bibs.

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Marty said...

Thanks for voting! Love your crib. It looks like a Jenny Lind. We are still looking for cribs, diaper bags, etc. I don't know where to start. Help!