Friday, February 11, 2011

recent movies...

And by recent, I mean recent to us!

I got a Wii for Christmas. As soon as we got home, we bought a wireless box for our internet (I am sure there is a really nice technical term for that, but I'm going to stick with wireless box--I think I am becoming an 80 year old!). We hooked the Wii up to the wireless, and now we can watch instantly on our tv! Here are a couple of the movies we've been watching:

Shutter Island - We both kind of wanted to see this when it first came out, but we usually don't go to the movie theatre a lot (it's expensive, plus I don't really like watching most movies in the theatre). We netflixed another movie, Session 9, that was supposed to be similar. Session 9 was pretty good, but I like Shutter Island a lot more! Leo was really good, plus it had Mark Ruffalo (the cute guy from Thirteen Going On Thirty). The movie was scary, but not gruesome and not a horror film. It was much more of a thriller, keeping you nervous, but not filled with gross images.

The Lottery is a documentary about a charter school in Harlem. Let me first say, it's very biased toward charter schools. It's a great movie. It made me want to learn a lot more about charter schools in various places (because sometimes they are great ideas, but in other areas, they are not so great). I am a big supporter of public education, and I really enjoyed this movie.

God Grew Tired of Us is not on watch instantly, but is worth sending off for (if you have netflix) or renting. It's a documentary (so it actually might be at your local or school library) about the Lost Boys of Sudan. I knew a little bit about the Lost Boys before watching this movie, but I learned so much more. This is a sad but uplifting movie that will really tug at your heart strings. These boys (now men) have incredible stories, and I am so thankful to the directors and producers of this film. I think everyone should watch this movie!

On a final note, I just found out that my Greek professor, Jacques Bailly (who won the National Spelling Bee in 1980) is the official pronouncer now for the Bee. He is in Spellbound (a great documentary--hilarious!) and Akeelah and the Bee. How cool is that? He has an IMDB page, a Wikipedia page, youtube videos, plus he's been on NPR! I feel like I know someone famous now!


Gamard said...

Wireless Router :)

But Wireless Box is certainly a step up from Wireless Thingie :)

Mrs. Magnolia said...

haha wireless box. I probably wouldn't know the name of ours if it didn't give us so many fits.

I loved Shutter Island, good ending.