Tuesday, February 8, 2011

King Cake...

Thursday in class, I was telling some people about King Cakes, what they are and when we eat them and what happens if you get the baby, etc. Anyway, it made me really want one! I plan on making one myself in a few weeks, but I knew it might not taste like the ones you get every year from the bakery.

I got home Thursday about 6, and on my kitchen table was a box from New Orleans containing this:

A king cake! Bech's parents had one sent to Marley, Bech, and Jack! I was so excited!

Here it is in all it's glory!

As soon as Bech got home from the ceramic studio, we both ate some.

I look like a hot mess in this picture. But I had been at school since 8 that morning, so I think that gives me an excuse.

We have loved our little taste of New Orleans up here...Thank you, Mr. John and Miss Karey!!!


Mrs. Magnolia said...

YUMMM! That was so sweet of them. And how ironic!

I need to go find me some King Cake...

Mary Mel said...

What sweet parents! yummmm