Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nursery Plans...

Okay, so I've been thinking about this a lot and looking online a lot! But I think I finally have some direction.

I had an idea of what I wanted, but couldn't quite pin it down. But then I saw these two nurseries, and knew that I wanted something similar.

So I totally stole these pictures off someone else's blog. I don't actually know this girl. Lately I have taken to clicking on random links in hopes of finding blogs of pregnant people. That way I can see their nurseries, check out what baby products they are buying, and console myself with other pregnant people gaining weight also!

I absolutely adore how simple this nursery is. It is calm and beautiful, exactly what I want! I love the little shelf holding the day gowns! I plan on checking out Lowes soon to see if I can find an unfinished one to paint.

This bedding is Pom Pom at Home, which I adore. The problem is, it's pretty expensive, at least more than I want to pay. But I love the look!

This next nursery is off of a design blog.

I love the look of no bumpers. This is a Jenny Lind crib, so our crib will look really similar. I like the few patterns and the calm colors. I wish we could paint our walls a blue!

They have a little shelf as well. I just love those! Doesn't this room feel so calm?

So now onto my plans:

We are going to use brown and blue as the colors. We will move a printed brown armchair from the living room up to the nursery. I want to get this changing pad (or one like it) to bring more brown into the room.

I am going to order this fabric for a pleated crib skirt. I also might use it for a pillow in the crib. I want to do just plain white sheets. And I want one or two white pillows, maybe with his monogram on one of them.
This is the crib, which hopefully will be here in the next week or two. I am hoping we don't have to keep on those ugly black wheels! I know they would be useful, but they just aren't very cute!

Our changing table (which is already in the room and put together!). I want to find some sort of baskets to put on the shelves to hold his diapers and changing supplies. I have looked at Target and Lowes and don't love anything there. I need to check out Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well. Any suggestions?

We also are looking for a white dresser (or one that I can paint white). There was the perfect one listed on craigs list, but by the time I emailed, it was sold. So back to hunting. If I can't find the perfect one, than I guess I will settle for a storage/bookshelf sort of thing.

I like this Martha Stewart shelving unit. I could stick baskets in some of the cubes to hold his clothes and use some for books. So if I don't find the perfect dresser, I'll go for this.

Anyway, that's what I have so far! Thoughts/suggestions would be great!


Liz T. said...

I know you probably don't have an Ikea near you, but if you can get to one or can order it, those Martha Stewart shelves are just like some very affordable Ikea ones that I have seen! You can get little colored canvas things to go in them! Have fun!

Liz T. said...

they come in all sorts of sizes but here's a link to one...

The Yartym's said...

pottery barn kids has some super cute storage bins you could use for the changing table. they have fabric liners that can be monogrammed with what is inside each bin, which i love. super organized!!

The Yartym's said...

Here is the link:

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Love that top nursery. so calm and elegant.

Sheryl said...

They also have the shelves like the Martha Stewart ones at Target for $49.99, they were just on sale for 39.99. We are getting ready to redo the boys room and I have been looking around lately. They are made by closet maid, and they are very versatile.

Lindsey [homegrown spud] said...

Oh, I love that turquoise you have the link for it? I'd love to use it in our nursery.