Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back Home!

We are back from the South! And I am sad. We had a wonderful (and busy!) time. I am ready to be done with school and be able to move back home!

I have lots and lots of pictures, but they are all on the upstairs computer. So for now, I will just share a few random things, and be back later with more pictures!

* Jack is a chunk! We weighed him at my dad's office last week and he is up to 13lbs, 9oz. A chunk!

* But a cute and very sweet chunk! He did amazingly on the planes. He didn't even cry. He had a few fussy moments on two of the flights, but overall he was incredible. We did almost miss our second flight on the way to New Orleans. We ran up just as they were calling out the final boarding call. But we made it!

* Jack did pretty well with his schedule. He was off for the first two days, just with traveling and church (although he did stay on his eating schedule). But after that, he got it all figured out again. He didn't sleep super great at night, but I think that's because we were sharing a room with him.

* I had 3 snowcones from my favorite place in Brookhaven. Plus, I had two Blondie Frappe's from Cups and two meals from Little Tokyo.

* We had 3 sip and see's. Well one wasn't an official sip and see, but basically it was! And Jack did pretty well at all of those. And I did well letting go of being OCD (or at least I think I did).

* Jack got baptized this past Sunday. I will do a separate post on that, but it was really special.

* Jack loved all of his aunts and uncles and his Doc. And of course his other grandparents, but he had met them already!

* Jack is now sick, for the first time. He just has a little cold (and I have it, too), but it is so miserable to not be able to make him feel better. He is still happy and smiley, and he hasn't run a fever yet. But he has a cough and a runny nose :(

* School starts in a week and a half--ahhh!

Okay, that's about it for what's going on in our lives right now. Oh wait, I forgot Bech! He just fired tons of stuff, and has put a lot up on his etsy site. Check it out. I may be biased, but it's really good!

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