Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

* I will be in Mississippi in 3 days--yay! I cannot wait!

* I am ready for a Brookhaven style snowcone...there are few better things.

* I start school in just a few weeks. I am not excited about leaving Jack at a daycare 3 days a week.

* I just uploaded pictures of Jack to facebook. Facebook suggested that I tag those pictures as Blaise Braden...ha! I can't wait to go home and pull out all of the baby pictures and see who he looks like...maybe it is Blaise!

* Bech and I have 3 shows we watch every summer: So You Think You Can Dance, HGTV Design Star, and Next Food Network Star. This summer we had to give up SYTYCD...we just don't have the time or energy. But HGTV and Food Network stayed.

On HGTV, we are rooting for Kellie and Mark, although it's still pretty early. We absolutely can NOT stand Cathy--ugh, get her out of here!

On Next Food Network Star, we love Suzy...I would totally watch her show. We like Vic a lot, but we have actually really started to love Jeff. This show is now in the final 4, so we'll know soon.

I swear, we don't just sit around and watch tv all day. It's just rare that there is a show that Bech and I can agree on. But we both love these shows and love watching them together!

Anyone else watching them? Who do you like?

* Speaking of tv, I made the mistake of asking on facebook what Shark Week is. I just kept seeing it as peoples statuses and had no idea what they were talking about. I was quickly informed. Yesterday, I happened to actually find Shark Week on tv (completely by accident)--um, boring. I don't get all the hype. It was just people talking about their shark attacks. Call me weird, but I'd rather watch I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant any day over Shark Week.

* I swear this is my last comment about tv. I have been watching tv while I nurse Jack during the day. Have you ever watched tv around lunchtime? There is almost nothing good on. Even HGTV is sometimes a disappointment. So I have been watching iCarly. Don't judge. It is a really cute, really clean show. The first time Bech saw me watching it he definitely made fun of me. But I have noticed lately that he has been paying attention to (perhaps even watching!) the show when it's on.

I mean, how could you resist these cute kids?

Oh well, I have never been accused of being too mature, and I guess I never will!

* I am so excited for everyone to meet Jack, but I am definitely nervous, too. Jack gets really overstimulated. He loves to watch everything that's going on around him, and will stay awake and fight sleep just to see what's happening. You know how most babies sleep through church and outings? Not Jack, he wants to know what all is around him. And then he gets super tired and fights his naps.

But if we are home, just being calm, he goes to bed so easily. Literally, we swaddle him, he might fuss for a second, but we lay him down and he's out.

And Jack is definitely going to be overstimulated on this trip. He is going to be in so many new places and with so many new people. He is going to be held a lot and going to be off his routine. I am worried he is just really going to struggle with napping and then get fussy!

Oh well, I am worrying in advance, which drives Bech crazy! I need to just wait and see

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