Thursday, July 28, 2011

If you are my friend on facebook, I apologize for all of the pictures. It's like picture diarrhea. Seriously, I need to limit the amount of pictures I upload. I just love so many pictures of Jack! Plus (and I know I use this as an excuse ALL of the time!), Jack's grandparents want to see pictures of him. And honestly (and I really can say this, because while we were in Malawi, I tried various other methods), facebook picture upload is the easiest way to share pictures!

Today, Bech and I spent some time outside with Jack. Summer here is pretty amazing. It's been in the low 80's, and I am loving it. Although, I would take 100 degrees right now if it meant I was in Mississippi! I grabbed the camera, mostly hoping to get some shots of Jack smiling. I got a few, but overall he was being his usual contemplative serious self.

I love that they are both laughing in this picture! Actually, I think Bech is laughing at my "baby voice." I was talking to Jack, trying to make him smile, and Bech made fun of the way I was talking. He now feels very bad about it because he hurt my feelings! I am pretty sure that when you carry someone for 41 1/2 weeks plus have a big scar on your stomach from a c-section, you can talk to that baby in any voice you want!

I love those cheeks! They just get bigger and bigger!

Jack was a little bit of a grump today...he really struggled with his naps! But he has been wonderful the past few nights. We put him down anywhere from 8:30 to 9:00, and he sleeps for 5 hours. Then he wakes up, eats, sleeps for 3 more hours, then sleeps some more. He usually fusses and talks to himself some then, but will then sleep until 7ish. Let's just hope he keeps extending the night sleep times...that will make going back to class easier!

We go home in a week and 2 days...yay! In other news, it looks like Burlington is about to get 2 legit Mexican restaurants. There are 3 in this area, but they are pretty bad--pricey but not good! Where is Papitos when you want a margarita???

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