Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 weeks old!

Here is our little sweet 5 week old. It does not seem like it has been that long at all!

These pictures aren't great...I was trying to get Jack to smile and also taking pictures. I'm not very coordinated to begin with, so this was a hard challenge!

His come hither look

Wow, he's a chunk!

There's a smile (complete with spit bubbles...yes, we have a really drooly baby!).

We have been doing well up here in Vermont. It has been really hot lately, in the 90's! I know that does not seem that hot compared to Mississippi temperatures, but imagine 95 degrees with no air conditioning! So Jack has been living in just a diaper lately. Today, though, it's finally normal Vermont summer weather--high 70's--so Jack is finally clothed again!

Bech has been busy at the studio. This summer he has had several commissions, including a wedding registry. He is making dinner and salad plates for a local couple, and guests are buying the plates off of his etsy shop. Pretty cool concept, right? I wonder if more and more people will start registering on etsy and sites like that.

There will be a kiln firing next week with tons of new high fire pieces coming out. This has been a great summer for him as far as his work, but hard in that with less people in the pottery co-op and less work being made, the kiln has barely been fired.

We leave for Mississippi in a week and a half...yay!!!!! I absolutely cannot wait! We will have a busy time while we are home--two sip and see's plus Jack is getting baptized at Faith Pres in Brookhaven. Plus Jack has a lot of aunts, uncles, great grandparents, and one grandfather to meet! And I have a lot of snowcones to eat (I only have about 6 or 7 more pounds to go until I get back to pre pregnancy weight, so I think I am allowed LOTS of snowcones!).

As a side note, we'll be flying with Jack (he'll be right under 7 weeks old and will have just had his first round of shots). I am really nervous about this! Any one flown with a baby this young? Any tips or advice? I've been told to nurse him during take off and landing to help his ears, and we are bringing his car seat and stroller (please pray that the planes won't be full so we can bring the car seat onto the plane!). Anything else?

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