Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jack pictures and birthday dinner

Today is warm but cloudy--the perfect day for a photo shoot (according to Bech). So here are some of the pictures he took!

Seriously, can he get any cuter?

I love his little smiles

Okay, yes there are spit bubbles in this picture. But I thought his lips still looked so sweet.

Another of his cute smiles!

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. It was pretty low key--it's not like we can go and do anything much right now, plus I don't really feel up to it anyway. But we did go to the grocery store, and Jack was really good. We got some really nice filet mignons. We don't eat a lot of meat, especially beef, because we eat almost only grass fed beef (which is really expensive). So we splurged and got two grass fed/grain finished filets--sooo good!

Here is my plate--the steak (marinated with thyme, rosemary, and red wine), carrots cooked in herbs, parmesan mashed potatoes, and salad with feta, blueberries, and poppyseed dressing! We bought a cupcake but were both too full to eat it last night.

Then Jack gave me a great birthday present by sleeping for a 4 hour then a 3 hour stretch last night!

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Sheryl said...

He is so cute!! Bech takes really good pictures also.