Friday, July 22, 2011

Essentials for 1st month...

Obviously, these are just our personal essentials. These six items have been used a TON in the past month!

1. Avent pacifiers

We actually have a wub-a-nub and a pacimal, but he's not really ready for those yet. What he seems to like the best is just the basic Avent pacifier--probably the cheapest pacifier we have.

2. Baby Bjorn bouncer

This is the one item that Bech really really wanted, and we were given it by my aunt! Bech loves it because it's really simple and sleek. I love it because it's brown (you can actually turn the cover around and it's totally brown). And Jack loves it because he can sit in it and look at the world around him.

3. Little Lamb Swing

Ever since I saw a picture of this swing, I have wanted one! It sells for $150 at Babies R Us and $100 on Amazon. But I read that babies really only use and like this swing for the first 3 to 4 months. Since we are planning on waiting a little bit before we have another baby, I didn't want to spend (or have someone else spend) a lot of money on this swing for such a short time of use. Then I would feel compelled to store it and move it with us. So instead, I started watching craigslist everyday (literally everyday). I was able to get this swing for $50. It had only been used for 3 months and was in great condition.

And I am so happy we got it! I can put him in this swing and go take a shower quickly or just have a little break. He loves to look around. Sometimes he will start to doze off, but we try to grab him quickly out of the swing. I really don't want him sleeping in it!

4. Homedic Sound Machine

There are a lot of baby sound machines out there that are more expensive. This one is not baby specific, so it's cheaper. Plus, it plugs in but also can use batteries. Which means we can travel with it! I actually used to have this same sound machine and loved it. It doesn't have a "white noise" setting, but it has a heartbeat and a waterfall (which sounds like white noise) . Maybe I am crazy, but I really feel like ever since we got this, about 2 weeks ago, Jack has been sleeping sooo much better during his naps!

Plus, they sell this at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and I'm pretty sure, at any given moment, most Americans have at least one or two of those 20% coupons for that store!

5. Aden + Anais swaddling blankets

This is the best thing we bought for Jack, hands down. That baby needs to be swaddled. He fought it so hard in the beginning (now he doesn't really fight it that much), that we at first didn't swaddle him very much. But when he is swaddled, he calms down and sleeps so well.

But it is hot here. Plus, most of the blankets we had weren't large enough to be good swaddling blankets. So we got some Aden + Anais blankets from a local store. Why we love them: really cute prints, light muslin fabric (so it's not too hot), and really large (so you can get a tight wrap).

Seriously, if you are having a baby, get these blankets. They are wonderful!

6. Boppy Pillow

I was not going to get one of these. I had heard that you really didn't need it, you could just use pillows in the same way. But after I had a c-section, my mom suggested we get a boppy, because it would be helpful when feeding Jack. I love love LOVE my boppy. I am boppy dependent. I am seriously considering bringing mine to church from now on. Plus, Jack loves to lay back in it (with me watching of course).

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