Friday, July 8, 2011

A little Jack update, complete with pictures!

We are doing pretty well at the Evans house. Jack is getting into a little routine, which makes his OCD mother very happy. He went through a growth spurt a couple of days ago, and that was tough! He was wanting to eat every hour/hour and half, and I was exhausted! But yesterday, he finally broke out of that...thank goodness!

He has been sleeping so well at night. Last night, he slept for 4 hours straight at one point!

Bech has worked and gone to the studio all this week. But he is still able to be at home a lot. And he is such a big help, except when he wants to wake Jack up just to hold him. But I can't really fault him for that.

And I have been back at the schoolwork--Jack doesn't allow me to get that much done, but some is better than nothing!

This is such a typical Jack face--he always looks so serious or worried when he is awake!

We are definitely going to have a thumb or finger sucker.

I love his double chin!

Okay, I better end the pictures. I don't want to bore everyone! I realize that while I am absolutely infatuated with looking at a million pictures of Jack, not everyone feels the same way!

In other news, 4 weeks from tomorrow, we get to head home to Mississippi for 10 days!!! I am so excited! Jack will get to meet his aunts and uncles, his great grandparents, and, most importantly, his "Doc" (my dad). Plus, he will get to be in God's country and will learn that he is not a Yankee, but is in fact a Southerner. I don't want any Mason Dixon line confusion for my son!


katybraden said...

(1) I think you mean most importantly, Jack gets to meet KK who has already been teaching him to love football from the womb.
(2) I am, unfortunately, such a worrywart that I am afraid Jack gets the furrowed brow, serious look thing from me. Maybe we can start young at loosening him up!
(3) come home. i miss you.

Lain and Tatum said...

marley, He is just so precious! I love him!!!