Saturday, July 16, 2011

Um, I am kind of in love with this little guy...

Doesn't he look like he's going to be a redhead/strawberry blonde baby?

I am so thankful that I agreed with Bech that we should get a DSLR. Bech has taken the coolest pictures. Although we haven't taken any in the past few days. We did have a newborn photo shoot on Thursday night. I am excited to see the pictures. Of course, Jack was wide awake through the whole shoot, so we didn't get any of those cute naked sleeping ones.

We switched to clothe diapers this week. So far, so good. He is a chunk, so the diapers fit (we are using one size bumgenius and fuzzibunz). I actually like the bumgenius just a little better, but mostly cause they are easier to snap. The fuzzibunz have a tighter fit. His little booty looks so cute in the diapers, plus we've only had two semi leaks (which is a LOT better than the newborn disposables).

We also have started using the crib this week. The past few days, we have been using it for naps, and that has worked really well. Last night, we moved him into the crib for the nighttime, too. I was really nervous, even though his room is seriously like 6 feet from ours. And we kept both doors open. But it seemed to work really well. I slept a lot better (his little noises were keeping me up all night...I'm a really light sleeper), and he seemed to sleep really well (4 hour stretch, then two 2 1/2 hour stretches).

Plus, I feel like we are finally getting into the babywise routine. We haven't even had to let him cry it out much. He seems to associate his crib with sleep really well, and falls asleep quickly! Which is good, because the few "cry it out" times we have had have been tough! I hate to hear him cry! We still have trouble during that last stretch of time from about 5:30 pm onward. He fights sleep so hard and gets fussy. But as long as he's sleeping at night, I am a happy camper!

On a totally different note, we are going home in 3 weeks from today! Oh my lanta...I am so excited! I cannot wait to be back in Mississippi! First things first (besides seeing and hugging all of our family!), I want a snow cone. We arrive on a Saturday, though, and my favorite snow cone place is closed (it's owned by 7th day adventists), so I will have to settle for a snow cone from another place in Brookhaven. I also plan on taking Jack for his first meal at Little Tokyo. Plus I want to lay out some...I am pale!

Again, on a different (and serious) note, please continue to pray for Baby James and his parents. The blog is linked in my post below. I would encourage you to read it, if you can handle it. James' dad writes most of the posts, and he is an incredible writer. I have a lot of time nowadays (during night feedings) to pray, so I have been spending a lot of time praying for James and his family. Please do the same! There are few things we can do as Christians (if you are a Christian) that are more meaningful than prayer!

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Ashley said...

We are traveling to MS today and I had lots of time to read baby James' whole story. It is shocking and full of love and sadness. I have to say I've never met them but have such a broken heart for them this afternoon. I was like a blubbering lunatic on our last flight reading the last few posts... I'm definitely praying for them!