Monday, July 25, 2011


Here is an update of the latest movies we've watched (actually these are from May through July!). I like to share these on the blog, because I am constantly looking for new movies to watch (and wanting to know if they are worth watching).

We have found lately that movies are easier for us to keep up with than tv shows. We are able to pause them or just watch a little bit, then stop to take care of Jack. If y'all have any suggestions for movies, let me know.

This one is Bech's pic. It was okay...I could take it or leave it. The language was a little inappropriate. I love Paul Rudd, so that was good.

Sooo cute! I really enjoyed this one. Again, I love Paul Rudd. I'm also a big fan of Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson. It was a cute Romcom--not super serious, just fun and sweet.

I don't know if I've ever talked about this on the blog, but I am obsessed with Veronica Mars. So that means I am also obsessed with Kristen Belle. We watch every movie she's in. I'm actually usually not crazy about movies she's in (just cause she's never as good in any other role as she is as Veronica), but this was a good role for her. It was really cute.

My pick this time. I love Jennifer Anniston. There was some language and a few inappropriate comments. But on the whole, just a funny movie. A little reminiscent (humor wise) of earlier Adam Sandler movies.

Everyone should watch this movie...sooo good! It is a morning show (like the Today show). Rachel McAdams is amazing in this movie, plus Harrison Ford plays a totally different role (for him). Bech and I both loved it.

Of course, there needs to be a few documentaries on this list. This one is really funny. It is about NYC parents' obsessions with getting their children into the "right" preschools. The families they showcase are really funny (and not intentionally!).

Everyone has probably already watched this one...we're a little late! Wow, this movie was so incredible! I didn't know I could love Colin Firth anymore than I already did. He was so good in this movie.

Of all the movies on the list, this was my favorite. This documentary is about a white Zimbabwean family who is struggling with Mugabe to keep their farm and land. It is a really tough documentary to watch. We know families who have gone through similar struggles in Zimbabwe. I was completely blown away by the faith of the Zimbabwean family. And this documentary is on Netflix instant watch. Seriously, everyone should watch this and be aware of what is happening in Zimbabwe

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