Monday, August 22, 2011

"a man of hands..."

Recently, Jack was given an activity mat. I didn't even have an activity mat on my radar because they're just, well, a little too bright. I mean, look at our bouncer. It's simple and calm. But in the past few weeks, I've realized that Jack might really enjoy one.

The Evans had borrowed a mat that Jack played on one morning while we were home. And he loved it. And since getting the mat, he has had so much fun on it!

And yeah, it doesn't really fit with our "decor." But I am learning that most baby things don't!

I know he's being all serious here, but he is usually cracking himself up while playing with the toys. He especially loves the octopus that hangs over him!

We love seeing all of the new advances Jack makes everyday (although it makes me sad, too!). Several times Bech and I have wrapped one of his hands around the rings that hang down. Today I was washing dishes, while Jack was playing on the mat. When I finished up, I saw that Jack had found rings for both of his hands all by himself!

We have a genius!

Okay, don't worry--I really don't think that because Jack can now wrap his hands around toys by himself that he is brilliant. But he seems pretty brilliant to us!


katybraden said...

national merit scholar. i just know it.

Daniel Forrest said...

Get that boy out in the field, a man of hands like him needs to be workin'