Monday, October 15, 2012

Lazy Weekend

We finally had a nice, lazy weekend around here!  No traveling, no plans (well, not really)...just lots of good food, playing, and cuddling!

Friday night, we had our friends Julian and Bess over for dinner.  They weren't able to come until 7, so we took advantage of the late dinner to make ravioli.  We had homemade cheese ravioli with Bech's tomato sauce and butternut squash au gratin with homemade pesto.  And for dessert, pumpkin spice cookies...yum!

Saturday, Jack decided to wake up early.  Guess he didn't get the weekend memo!  Bech was sweet and got up with him, letting me sleep in a little.

We were lazy in the morning, but took a midday trip to Perkins Rowe for some shopping and frozen yogurt.  Bech went into the studio in the afternoon, but came back home in time to watch some netflix with me.

Sunday, I made pumpkin waffles (can you tell that I am loving fall?), then we headed to church.  Jack was a little off that morning...really cuddly, which is slightly strange but also fun.

We vegged out Sunday afternoon and finished up season 2 of Sherlock. Um, is anyone else watching this show?  Ohmylanta!  I LOVE it.  Sadly, I just read that season 3 might not be out in the UK until next fall, which would mean the next spring for us!  I don't think I can wait that long!

Sunday night, Bech made cumin-lime slaw and fried gulf shrimp tacos...SO good.  We have not been cooking a lot lately, which we normally love to do.  It was fun to get lots of cooking done this weekend.

Today, I had a break from school (thank you, fall break!).  I decided to take advantage of my time home and take Jack to the local park.  So fun!  He loved it.  

I pushed him in the swing some.

Then Jack spent the rest of the time playing on the playset.   

He was a big fan of the slide.

We will definitely be going back soon!

Now Bech is back at the studio, Jack is asleep, and Psych is playing on Netflix. 

Yup, I'd say it was a good weekend!

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