Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend, Jack and I drove up to Jackson for some time with my family.  We had a blast just relaxing, eating sushi, and watching the Ole Miss game.  

We decided to head to the pumpkin patch Saturday afternoon with my mom's camera in an attempt to get some good pictures of Jack with the pumpkins.  The closest pumpkin patch was 30 minutes away, so we settled for a church with pumpkins.

We took pictures with pumpkins last year.  Jack was 3 months old.  All we had to do was prop him up and he smiled sweetly.

(Jack in his only "sitting" picture)

Now...well, now I have a little wild thing on my hands!  He would not stop moving.  At first it was frustrating (I wanted a cute picture!), but then my mom decided we should just go with it.

So we let Jack loose and tried to capture him as he ran through the field.

And, of course, the lovey is in all of the pictures!

He had the BEST time.

Yup, he's a little wild man!

They weren't the pictures I envisioned, but I still love them!  

My sweet, little bud!

We have had such a fun fall so far, and it's still not over!  I think Jack is enjoying the cooler weather--playing outside without sweating, eating lots of soups, and plenty of time with family.

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Ashley said...

love his little romper!