Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The day before we left to go home, Jack's pumpkin outfit finally arrived!  I had wanted this in so I could take pictures here in Vermont.  But I brought it home so we could try for pumpkin pictures there.

We found a little pumpkin display at the Market Basket in Brookhaven.  And although it looks like Jack is sitting up completely on his own, Mom and I took turns hiding behind him and holding him up!  Whatever it takes to get a good picture, right?

I love his little foot in this picture.

He wasn't so sure about taking pictures at first.

But he started to warm up to the idea.

Love this little half smile!

There's a real smile!

Pretty sure my child is massive.  Look at all of the fat in those cheeks!  We weighed him at my dads office and he was 17 1/2 lbs...oh my lanta!  I always wanted a fat baby, and I definitely have one now!


Kate said...


come visit/follow my new fashion blog. I wanna do a feature with you in it!

Thanks a heap.
Love, Kate

Holly said...

He's the cutest little pumpkin ever!! And has the best facial expressions. So glad we finally got to meet him last week. He's adorable and you're such a fabulous mommy!