Friday, October 21, 2011

Back from the South

We are back!  Jack and I had a great, albeit very fast paced, time!

Last weekend was homecoming at Brookhaven High, and Ansley is the mascot.  So of course on Friday night, we had to go see her as "Peppy the Panther."  Jack wasn't really sure what to think of her in her outfit.

This is Precious.  She was Katy's little sister through Boys and Girls club way back in 2001, and we have loved her ever since!  When Katy when away to college, Mom became her "Big Sis."  Precious just started college this year, and we are all really proud of her!

Friday night we drove up to Oxford, getting in very late!  But we hit the grove on Saturday about lunch time.  Here is Jack sporting his grove attire.  He looked adorable--I love a cute pair of jon jons on baby boys!

Blaise's favorite way to hold Baby Jack.  Jack loves his "Bubby."

This guy is hilarious.  Jack is definitely not so sure about taking a picture with him.  But when else would he have a picture with a real live "Colonel Reb?"

Jack with one of his other uncles, Hunter (Bech's little brother).  I love this picture--it's so sweet.  About 5 minutes after this picture, Jack fell asleep in Hunter's arms.  It had been a long day!

Sunday morning, we headed over for a quick visit with Jack's fourth great grandparent (and his last one to meet)--Grandma Jean.  Um, pretty sure Jack looks huge in this picture.  Actually, he is pretty huge.

We had a wonderful time!  Traveling by myself with a baby was not great but not awful.  On the way to Mississippi, I had to get rerouted.  I was supposed to be on 2 flights, getting into New Orleans at 9:30.  Instead, I had 3 flights and got into Jackson at midnight...not fun!

And I was surprised at the lack of people in Burlington that offered to help.  When I went through security at the airport, people just watched me struggle with all of the stroller equipment, the diaper bag, and a baby.  But when I was in the New Orleans airport on my way back, everyone and their brother offered to help--I love the South!

Finally, a picture of Jack and me.  I have been told by so many women that they wished they had more pictures of themselves with their children.  I hate having pictures of myself and feel like I look like a hot mess most days, but I know I will want pictures with Jack someday.  So here we are cuddling at my parents house---I love that boy!

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