Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We have been back from Mississippi for a week now, and I just now feel like we have caught up!  

We had a busy weekend, with two housing events.  We also had a BBQ dinner for our housing boss who is moving back to Guam.

This week will be busy as well.  Tomorrow night we are having a "dip dinner" with some friends and neighbors--it's like a potluck except we will all bring fun dips!  Thursday night we are carving pumpkins with other neighbors.  And Friday night we are roasting chicken with some more neighbors.  

This weekend, I plan on getting lots of homework done!  I am completely caught up (and even a little ahead now) on all of my homework.  But I want to begin working on my final paper in one of my classes.  I have started the research process (printed off articles from JSTOR and requested others from ILL)--now I just have to begin reading!

But I will be sure to take tons of study breaks to cuddle with this chunk:

Seriously, that smile just melts me.  But Jack attack has some serious hair issues.  His hair is partly falling out and partly coming in.

Thanks Bella for the cute outfit!

He looks so old in this picture!

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