Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trip down south

Tomorrow afternoon Jack and I will set off for the South.  Y'all, please pray--I am flying solo with Jack!  He was amazing on his first set of flights, and I hope he is the same.  And honestly, he is such a sweet and easy baby.  But sometimes, he gets his fussy moods, so lets hope that does not happen on the plane.  I do not want to be hated by all of the other passengers!

My mom is picking us up at the New Orleans airport tomorrow night, and we are headed to Brookhaven.  Friday is Brookhaven High's homecoming, and since the mascot is absolutely wonderful (it's Ansley), I have to see her perform!  And this will be Jack's only chance to see her as the Panther.  After the game on Friday night, we will head to Oxford, also known as the Promised Land.  Actually, it's not known as the Promised Land, but it feels that way to me!

I am hoping to get a breakfast in at Bottletree before hitting the Grove.  We are playing Alabama, and I have no illusions of us winning.  In fact, Mom and I are going to hang out in the Grove with Jack rather than  watch the game.  I think the stadium would be a little overwhelming for him.

Then Jack and I will head back to Btown with the family, and head home on Tuesday.  A whirlwind, but fun trip!

Here are some pictures of the Grove in past years...

My last time in the grove, 2 years ago!

I'll be missing this guy... :(

But Bech will be visiting graduate schools while Jack and I are gone!

This picture is from my senior year...whoa...Blaise and Ansley look so young!  Katy, you look the same, which is a good thing!

Can't wait to be back in Dixie!


Katy Robertson said...

HOPING to go?
I asked you to be my breakfast date...are you backing out??

Anonymous said...

Enjoy BHS homecoming for me! LOOOVVEE the picture of Jack! :o)

Ashley said...

I guess you're coming back today! I hope your visit was so fun! I always love going home.
Where is Bech looking for grad schools? When are you finished with your classes?