Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wild Weekend

We had a crazy and fun weekend!

Friday night, we got in my new (to me) car (more about that later) and headed to Jackson.  Jackie boy got to stay up late and go to the Mississippi State Fair with his Bella and Aunt Ansley.

Bech shared some of his cotton candy with Jack.

He was not a fan!

Bella wanted to take him on a ride, but the lines were too long, so she settled for a fair "happy."  He loved it!

We spent the night with my family at the King Ed, picked up Katy and Dave in the morning, then headed to Oxford bright and early for game day.  Of course we needed a stop at Cups first.

Oxford and the Grove were fun, but cold and rainy!  It started raining when we were walking to the Grove and continued to drizzle the rest of the afternoon.  Bech and I had thought about going into the game with Jack, but we ended up heading back to the apartment before kick off.  We hung out with Jack, put him to bed, then headed to bed early!

Jack with Colonel Reb.  Okay, so that's not really Colonel Reb.  It's just some creepy old guy who dresses up like him.  But I think he's hilarious.  We took a picture of Jack with him last year.

Jack wasn't so sure about the Colonel at first, but he warmed up to him.

Jack spent a lot of the afternoon in his Uncle Bubby's arms.  He loves his Bubby!

My good friend from Jr. High and High School, Fran, was there for the game.  She graduated from A&M and was there to cheer on her alma mater.  Elliot is 3 weeks younger than Jack, and they finally got to meet!

Sunday morning, Jack, Bech, my Dad, and I went to Bottletree Bakery for breakfast.  When Bech and I were in college, we had a breakfast date at Bottletree every Friday morning.  It was so special to bring Jack back to one of our favorite places.  

As a side note, Jack was a champ this weekend.  He barely cried or fussed, and he was amazing everywhere we went (and in the car rides--he spent 11 hours in the car this weekend!).

Then we headed over to Tupelo to see my Grandma Jean, Jack's great grandmother.  Jack is blessed to have four great grandparents.  He has met Grandma Jean once before, last year.  He has changed so much. He tried to knock over everything in the room, but I think she enjoyed seeing him.

Jack was sweet and shared some kisses with Grandma Jean.

We headed back to Jackson by way of the Natchez Trace, stopped at Keifers for lunch, then headed to Baton Rouge.  We've unpacked, Jack is asleep, and Bech and I are gearing up for the week ahead!

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katybraden said...

um, i went to ole miss with yall this weekend too!!