Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mommy Wars

The other day, someone called Babywise "evil" on Facebook.  And it really got to me.  Not like I'm upset and think they're right, but upset because, really?  Evil?  I mean, yeah disagree with Babywise if you want, but evil?  Why don't you save that word for rape, murder, lies, etc?

I really like Babywise.  It worked for us.  And I think breastfeeding is great.  I was able, Jack was able, and it worked for us.  And sleeping in the crib--worked for us.  (Are you sensing a theme?)

And, also, I don't agree with attachment parenting.  I really don't agree with co-sleeping (in fact, I think it's risky).  

But evil?  

The thing is, moms that use Babywise, do so because it works for them and it's whats they thing is best for their child.  And moms that co-sleep, same thing.  Most moms out there love their children and want to do whats best for them both. 

And let's be real here, moms that don't love their children are not the ones reading Babywise or attachment parenting books!

I get that if you ascribe to a certain parenting belief, you obviously think it's right.  Of course, you're using it!  But that doesn't mean everyone else is wrong and it definitely does NOT mean you should tell them.  I am so sick and disgusted by the amount of time wasted on Facebook and blogs bashing other people's methods.  

There are babies and children out there who really need help.  There is real evil in the lives of children. But, I promise, it is not in the form of a formula canister or a Moby wrap.


Tiffany said...

Amen to that! I'm not a mom, but a bunch of my friends are and I've watched people say things like this and it really fries me!


Sarah said...

I read something similar to that a couple of weeks ago and thought the EXACT SAME THING. I find that I fall in between the two so it kind of blows my mind to hear such harsh opinions about either of them. Great post today!!

Danielle said...

Exactly! We should help each other out and be there for each other, not judge! :)

Liz T. said...

Thanks :-) I appreciated this. I have had rude comments about doing baby wise and against what I wanted, drives me nuts how judgmental people are!

The Robbins & Co said...

i think that people sometimes mistake research for Biblical truth. there are some great studies out there and many of the parenting books work for so many families. still, it is NOT something for us to fight over!! heck, we're all just trying to keep clothes on our kids without pulling our hair out!! give a mama a break!!

Ashley said...

um, YES a big fat YES to all of this. love it!

Claire said...

Hey I just saw your moms and babies post on Callie's blog! Just wanted to drop by and say hi! I saw that you were living in Vermont? I grew up there and my husband and I also lived there for a couple years recently. 2 of my 3 kids were born in Burlington. Where in VT did you live? We only just moved from there to NC where we are now. We miss it everyday! My brother and parents still live there. I love meeting fellow Vermonters. :)

Unknown said...

More than anyone else, mom's should know that every baby is different and every person is different. I don't know why there are people who feel so...passionate that they insist that their "way" is best...or, gasp, the only way. Keep loving your baby the best you know how.