Monday, May 26, 2014

24 Weeks!

I am a slacker!  I didn't post last week (we were in NYC for a week!) and I don't have a picture today.  But here's a fruit picture, which my mother will hate.

How Far Along: 
I am 24 weeks today!

 Baby Size:

The baby is 8 1/2 inches long and 1 1/2 pounds in weight--about the size of an ear of corn (or a cantelope, according to the picture above).

Maternity Clothes:
Yup.  I just ordered a pair of maternity shorts, too.  I feel like I have reached an all time low in doing so, but it's getting hot!  I also need to start looking for a maternity bathing suit.

It is so up in the air.  Some nights are great and some nights are awful!


My child kicks ALL of the time.  Seriously.  It is really fun, but it does make me worry about him when he comes out...

Best Moment This Week:

Having lots of fun in New York! 

Food Cravings:

Candy!  And cold fountain drinks!  

I know...SO healthy!

Food Aversions:

Most things savory

What I Miss:
Snowcones...less than a week.

At the Brooklyn Flea Market on Saturday, there was a cool snowcone booth.  The owners were shaving their own ice and I'm sure the flavors were made from real fruit.  Bech tried to buy me one.  But I didn't want it because I'm going to have MS. GUSSIE'S so soon.  

I think those moments really make Bech question both my sanity and why we are married.

What I Am Looking Forward To:

Being in Mississippi.  And Sonic ice.  And snow cones.  And Smith county watermelon. And sitting on the front porch and rocking.  

I could keep going, but I'll stop.  I think you get the picture.


I've hit the viability point!  

Pregnancy Symptoms:

My hips hurt so much!  We walked a TON in New York, which was great, but my hips are really feeling it.
A boy!

Jack is still having a little trouble with this one.  He tried to argue with me yesterday that the baby was really a girl.  I am so confused...I thought boys wanted little brothers!

Weight Gain:
15 pounds.  We ate a ton in NYC but we walked so much so it mostly cancelled out.  Now I need to do the same in Mississippi to cancel out the snowcones...

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