Friday, May 9, 2014

5 on Friday

O     N     E

Bech is currently out of town for 9 days.  

Yup, 9 days.  If you are paying attention, that is longer than this trip was originally supposed to be.  Ugh.

Let's just say that Jack and I have eaten a lot of poptarts, watched a lot of Netflix, and have tried to keep very busy.  Solo parenting is hard!  Seriously, if you are reading this and you are a single parent, you are AMAZING!

T     W     O

Have y'all ever used a Coke freestyle machine?

Look, I'm not going so far as to say it's as good as Sonic (because Sonic has happy hour, styrofoam cups, and Sonic ice!), but Coke freestyle drinks are pretty awesome.

The Burger King down the road has one.  Pretty sure cherry Sprites are going to get me through the rest of this pregnancy.

T     H     R     E     E

I need some baby #2 advice.  By the time the new baby gets here, Jack will be 3 years and 3 months old.  So it's not like he will want to ride in a stroller all of the time.  But I do like to walk to the park and the library, and I don't want Jack just walking along side my single stroller (Britax B-Agile).  

I've thought about getting this stroller:

The Britax B Agile double stroller.  I love the single version, so I know that this will be a good stroller, especially for walks.  But it's a side by side, and thus wide.

Anyone have a tandem stroller?  What kind?  Of course, the Britax B-Ready and City Select both have the ability to be tandem strollers...but they are really expensive!  

Any advice would be very welcome!

F     O     U     R

Back before Jack was in daycare, we were starting to struggle with naps.  Then he was in daycare and did amazing with naps.

And now he's home again and the nap battles are on!

Seriously, why won't my kid nap?  

I have won 3 out of the past 4 days, so I consider that a victory of sorts.  And I know he needs the nap...he is a total grump when he doesn't have a nap!  Any toddler nap tricks?

F     I     V     E

Jack and I are heading to Mississippi in 3 weeks...AH!  I am so ready to be back in the South for a couple of weeks.  

I have so many people I want to see and so many things I want to do.

But at the top of the list:

A snowcone from Miss Gussies/Snowhaven!  Sadly, when I looked through instagram for a snowcone picture, I discovered that I have 4 snowcone pictures.  Obsessed much?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Liz T. said...

Hey! I've heard side by side is much easier than the length wise ones for multiple reasons. from nannying I agree. I've been recommended the city mini double and the BOB double duallie.

RCM said...

We just bought a Stokke Scoot for traveling because our Bugagoo Frog was too big for the car and planes. There is not a sibling option for Scoot but there IS a sibling option for Crusi! And there is an ADORABLE carry cot for newborns, which is like a bassinet (Isla lived in the Bugaboo version of this for the first three months of her life, because I could wheel her everywhere with me without having to strap her into anything or wake her if she was sleeping.)
They are kind of pricey, but we found a deal on craiglist, and there are often really good sales on babysrus. The only thing is maybe Jack wouldn't like being beneath the baby?

-Heather- said...

I want a snowcone so bad now! That looks delicious! Stopping by from the link up! Have a good weekend!

Sheryl said...

I want another strawberry cream snowcone! That was so good!I know why you obsess! If we make it down to Brookhaven after the wedding we will be going again.

The Robbins & Co said...

naps: at 3 yrs old, lots of kids start losing their nap time. when eli began fighting them, we opted for a 2 hour quiet time (a few toys and lots of books in his bed with a visual timer!). then bed time was moved up earlier and we were all so happy!! lazzy on the other hand will put himself to sleep still and he's almost 4, haha!!

strollers-can jack ride a bike? in my experience, i get way more exercise if i have baby in the jogger stroller and older kid on a bike. in a busy city, this can be stressful, but in smaller towns, it's great!!! think about how old he'll be by the time you're recovered and ready to USE the double much use will you get out of it?