Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on Friday

Right now, I am currently on the road headed toward Mississippi!  Jack and I left (hopefully) bright and early Thursday.  If you were feeling brave, I suppose one could do the drive in just a day.  But it's 17 hours, so we like to split it up and stay with some good friends of ours in Nashville.

But I missed last Friday, so I thought I would pre-write a 5 on Friday post.  

O     N     E

Have y'all seen this movie yet?

I don't know how Bech and I missed this movie coming out.  It's by the same people as Little Miss Sunshine and Juno, two of our favorites!  I read about The Way Way Back on someone's blog recently and found it at our local Redbox.  

Y'all.  This movie is so good.  Bech and I absolutely loved it.  I don't know that everyone will love it (I think Bech and I have quirky tastes).  But if you liked Little Miss Sunshine (and that style of humor), you should watch this movie.

T     W     O

I got so tickled the other day.  My sister, brother-in-law, and a group from their church went to a Maryland beach for Memorial Day.  On the way back, they obviously stopped at Sonic, as evidenced by the three instagram pictures I saw in a row (all three from Souther sojourners).

Part of why it was so funny to me?  I do the same thing.  You better believe that I will be instagramming all of my Southern favorites in the next couple of weeks:  Sonic, snowcones, Cups, Sakura Bana...

T     H     R     E     E

I think I've mentioned this before, but Bech and I have the hardest time finding a show that we both like.  But last fall we got really into this show, Suits:

And they just put season 3 on Amazon Prime.  It's such a good show!  Anyone else watch it?  

F     O     U     R

I don't know why, but I've been a little nervous about this trip home.  As you read this, we are in day 2, so hopefully everything has gone smoothly!  I have done this drive with Jack by myself before, and it was great.  So I'm not sure where all of the nervousness is coming from.

You should see my car set up--I have books on cd from the library, every Indelible Grace, Andrew Peterson, and David Wilcox cd (I'm taking Bech's truck which doesn't have an aux cord), plus toys and treats for Jack.

I think my nervousness comes from traveling with a now potty trained almost 3 year old and a 6 month pregnant woman...we might be stopping a lot more than in the past!

F     I     V     E

On Wednesday night, I helped host a lingerie shower/bachelorette for the RUF intern at PSU.  She loves whiskey and cigars, so we made it mustache themed.  Not your typical bachelorette theme, but really fun!

Since I am writing this ahead of time, I don't have any pictures to share (but I will share some later!).  But I did want to share a recipe.  I made these Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes.  They are so yummy!  I don't love the taste of beer, but the sweet cream cheese frosting balanced it all out.  It's sort of a strange recipe--no butter!--but the cupcakes were incredibly moist and really delicious.  

Have a wonderful weekend.  Just think, by the time you read this, I will be back in the SOUTH!

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