Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Post...

First of all, I am ready for Spring Break! This past week and a half of school has been tough. I had a test in Greek civilization plus a take home midterm in Greek (which is really really long!). Only a week and 2 days until the break! For the first part of the week, I am just going to be working in the library and maybe getting ahead on some homework (or working on French).

But then on that Thursday (2 weeks from tomorrow!), I will be heading to D.C. to see the cutest little page in the Senate! Katy and Mom will be coming too. I am ready for a fun long weekend full of Tangy Sweet and laughs. And warmth. I know all of you down South have been enjoying amazing weather, but we are still in the 20's here. Actually yesterday was in the teens, I think. So D.C. (which should be around 50 or so degrees) will feel very warm to me!

My study breaks have been filled with Jessica Fletcher. And let me tell you, this lady gets around! I didn't pick up on it when I was younger, but guys are always hitting on her. And since netflix has all 10 seasons of "Murder, She Wrote" on watch instantly, I can now spend lots of time with Jessica. I need a life...

I don't think it's very fun to be pregnant up here. They are lacking in whatever I seem to be craving! Like for instance, I really really really want a snow cone. But are there sno cones anywhere in Vermont? Nope. Bech says its because of all the snow and cold. But that's a lame excuse.

(This is a picture of a strawberry shortcake snowcone with cream on it from Miss Gussie's/the Snowhaven last summer---mhmmm!)

Then last night I decided I wanted a coke icee. We went to several gas stations, but no coke icee's. I don't think they even know what coke icee's are. This is a sad state.

But I did make myself some cheese grits for lunch, and am currently eating Flavor Pops. So I feel much better.

On another random tangent, Jack has been kicking so hard lately that you can see my stomach move. It is fairly entertaining. I tried to do that whole earphones to your belly and play music thing, but it didn't work. I was playing Lecrae, and Bech thinks I may have scared him. Ooops!


Courtney said...

Shame on VT for not being able to fulfill any of your cravings! That's a sad, sad state you live in.

Anna said...

I'm still reading! :-)

You know what you can try for a Coke Icee... Pour a Coke in a plastic cup and stick it in the freezer, then take it out and stir after about 30 minutes, then put it back and take it out to stir it about every 15 minutes until it's the right consistency. It requires planning and patience, but might hit the spot. I hope you find an Icee machine somewhere on your trip to DC!

I remember wanting a Sonic Steak Sandwich my whole pregnancy, and it was right after they took it off the menu. They brought it back finally ... when Nora was like 2 months old! Drove me nuts. Nothing like a nagging craving you can't satisfy.