Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet boy

Tuesday's are crazy days around here!  I teach two Latin classes in the morning (while Bech stays with Jack), come home at 11, nurse Jack right away, and work on homework.  Then I head into school on the 1:40 bus for an afternoon class.  Bech and I then swap off so he can teach his ceramic class and I spend the rest of the afternoon/early evening with Jack.

This Tuesday, I didn't have much homework, so I got to spend some time playing with Jack.  Jack has started to actually play with us, which is so fun.  He's been a little fussy the past couple of days (teething, maybe?), but Tuesday afternoon he was all laughs!

Love that sweet smile!

He is very serious about his toys.  I think he has Bech's personality.

Also, isn't his outfit so cute?  My mom got him the cutest smocked outfits for Christmas.  I love penguins, so I especially love this outfit!

Everything goes in the mouth...

He will lean far over for toys, but doesn't really want to make any effort to crawl.

more mouth...

Seriously, sweetest baby ever (well at least to me!).  He has a nice bump on his forehead from hitting the side table the other day at the Super Bowl party.

I am thankful for afternoons spent playing with Jack!

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