Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Midweek Randoms

We had a busy week and weekend last week.  But this week is already proving to be much calmer--thank goodness!  So here's whats been going on lately (complete with random Jack pictures thrown in):

* I took my French test on glad to have that over!  I hope I passed.  It wasn't that hard, but I am not too great with pronouns in French.


* We have had a lot of CA responsibilities, and have a lot more coming up.  We just had a Valentines Day tea (which I made 70 cookies for!), and next week we have Mardi Gras and a Black History event.

* Buddy boy had some off nights last week.  All of a sudden he was waking up twice a night, crying and wanting to eat.  But thankfully he is back to sleeping through the night again!

love this little thinking face!

* I have had an exciting week as far as possible plans for next year.  Everything is still just in the beginning phase, so I will share when things are for sure!

sweet yawns

* We hosted the Classics club dinner Friday night.  There was lots of yummy food and fun conversation.

* My mom and little sister are coming here in 3 weeks and a day (and my dad and brother will come a few days after that)...CAN NOT WAIT!  I do hope that it snows for them (my brother is going skiing).

Jack playing with his Valentine's happy from Bella

* But that means that I am presenting a paper SOON...ahhh!  I need to revamp it!

This weekend we plan on taking it slow!

And, finally, our Valentine's Day meal.  I made panko crusted goat chese, baked fries, and chicken sandwiches.  Obviously, I am not very good at frying chicken.  Oh well, I just tried to pan fry it in the slightest bit of oil, so I think that was my problem!  

And the final touch...Nando's sauce!  Nando's is a South African chain that Bech and I love.  They had a location in Malawi.  And there is a grocery store here in Burlington that sells their sauces. 

My Valentine!


Anonymous said...

Ohh my word! I'm supposed to be working, and instead I'm looking at these addoorraabblle pictures of Jack! PRECIOUS! (Of course, Bech is precious, too. ;o) )

Lindsey @ Magnolias and Gobbers said...

sounds like y'all have a lot coming up!

That meal looks delicious. and Jack looks handsome as always.

Claire said...

Oh, now I really wish we had met in VT! My mom (who lives in Fort Ethan Allen) is South African, and my husband and I lived there for a summer. My cousin lives in Malawi and all my extended family is in South Africa and Botswana.