Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jack's Nursery, Part 2

Last June, I put up some pictures of Jack's nursery, but I haven't updated any of those pictures!

Now, please remember, we live in graduate housing.  So I can't paint the walls, and everything has a sort of industrial look to it (especially the carpet...I hate the carpet!).   But I think Jack's room has ended up pretty sweet, regardless.

I saw a picture on a blog of a nursery with a shelf and a daygown hanging from it.  My sweet friend Amy (to whom I showed the picture) happened up on this shelf in a goodwill in Pittsburgh.  She picked it up for me, I painted it, and Bech hung it.  I love how it looks!  The blue gown is the one Jack wore home from the hospital.  The white one he wore at his sip n' see in Jackson.  They are both so precious.  On the shelf I have The Velveteen Rabbit, a silver frame engraved with Jack's baptism date (and a picture of us on his baptism), and these darling bookend figurines that Miss Amy gave Jack.  And on the chair is a blanket that one of Bech's best friends from college made for Jack.

Here is Jack's dresser, the shelf, and Bella's gift to Jack.  It is a Jane Austen quote: "The very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone."  I LOVE it.

The dresser, which feels a little chaotic (I need to work on it).  The piggy bank is from one of Bech's Mustard Seed co-workers and was made by one of the Seedsters.  The amphora or drinking cup was made by Bech for Jack.  

The top picture here is Bech on his first birthday...he was SUCH a cute baby!  And these apartments have no main light in each room (isn't that the weirdest thing?) so we hung a lantern.

Since Jack is too big to sleep in his Moses basket anymore, it's now holding stuffed animals and blankets.  And the wooden horse was given to him by some of my sweet professors--a Trojan Horse for Jack to play with!  I think he likes his little room (even if the carpet is ugly).

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Callie Nicole said...

I love his nursery! And that Jane Austen quote is so good. He looks so cute playing with his toys!

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