Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jack's nursery!

First, let me just say these aren't the best pictures in the world. I still have no idea what I am doing with our new camera. But Bech is at work, so I took the pictures. Which is actually probably better for you all, unless you want "artsy" sepia pics from Bech. He is really enjoying the new camera!

Here's is the wreath Katy made for the hospital door and for Jack's nursery. I hung it up randomly, because I had a nail already in the spot. But I am not sure where it will go. We also have a few pictures and two mobiles to hang up.

Jack's crib and Moses basket. Isn't the bedding sweet? The outside of the bumper is a light blue houndstooth that I absolutely adore.

The inside of the bumper and the crib sheet are white minky dot. It is so soft and sweet. Of course, Bech was quick to point out that it will not stay that white once Jack is in there! But I have bought some crib pads and everything is washable, so we're going to try! I love all of his cute animals. Now all we need is Jack!

A picture of the chair and the curtains. I just finished hemming them this morning. The chair is not ideal (the brown is too dark) but it will work for now. I would like to find an old rocker, paint it white, and make some cushions. But I think this chair will be good for feeding Jack in, at least at first.

Jack's dresser and changing table. Those are the nobs that came with the dresser. Bech is making some ceramic ones (or rather, has made), but they haven't been fired yet.

Jack's changing table. I have his newborn disposables and all of his cloth diapers ready to go. And he's already got quite the book collection! Plus, there's his houndstooth diaper bag. I swear, I am NOT an Alabama fan--I just love houndstooth!

So we still have more to do to finish it. Mostly, we just need to hang what we have on the walls, and we also need a lamp for the dresser. But I am so happy that it is mostly finished before Jack gets here!


Courtney said...

The room is looking so cute and I really like the chair! I don't think that it looks bad with the decor. In fact, it looks rather comfy. :)

Casey said...

Aww, Jack's nursery is precious, Marley! Good job! :)

Karen said...

I hope next week, at this time, I am in that nursery holding Jack!!! You can go sleep until he needs to eat...he and Bella and Doc/Fundaddy are going to get acquainted...we will be BFF by the end of the week!

Marty said...

Love the nursery!!!!

Lynette said...

Did you make the bedding yourself or did you buy it somewhere? It's so cute!