Monday, June 13, 2011

No baby... :(

I haven't posted in a few days, but not because Jack is here! In fact, it looks like he is going to take his own sweet time getting here! But my family (except Katy) is all here, so I would really like him to come soon.

They got in Saturday late afternoon. We headed out to their cabin (they are staying on Lake Champlain) to unpack, then into Burlington for dinner. Yesterday was pretty lazy: church, pizza lunch at our apartment, then the lake house. There is a great porch there that we sat on last night for a while. The view is amazing.

Unfortunately, it's been a little chilly and pretty rainy up here. It's supposed to clear up for a few days this week.

Today, I have my 40 weeks appointment, then Mom/Bella and Ansley and I are going to pick up some last minute things for Jack!

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Ashley said...

I just spent an embarrassing amount of time reading your blog (I just found it this morning) and I first off have to say congratulations for the new baby!! And secondly, we are neighbors sort-of. We are still a few hours apart but we are much closer to each other than we are to our families in Mississippi! Was this past winter your first in New England? We are in Boston and it was our second. (it was pretty rough this year!) anyway, I just wanted to say hi! And if you ever need anything with the new baby and all, please don't hesitate to ask! We've made the drive to burlington before and it's not too far! (plus it's a beautiful drive through VT!)