Thursday, June 9, 2011

you tube videos

Here are a few videos/trailers that I like right now...

This first one is just a commercial. But I love it, and it makes me tear up. And I really don't think it's just cause I am pregnant. I think it's a really sweet commercial.

And of course, I LOVE this trailer! I cannot wait until this July. I rarely go see movies in theatres, but I will go see this one. But I am sad that now it's all over.

This video is HILARIOUS. It's a Harry Potter spoof of Dangerous Minds. My favorite lines?

"Class, pull out your spell books."
"Where you think we at, Hogwarts?"
"We only got one hippogriff!"

"There are only two ways out of here, the back of a broomstick and dark magic. I look like pro quidditch material to you?"

And yes, I kind of like this trailer...don't judge me. I have read all of the twilight books. And while they are not very good, and neither are the movies, I just feel the need to watch each new movie that comes out. I probably won't watch this in theatres (that's what netflix is good for!), but I still want to see it.

So excited about this movie! I just reread the book, and I am ready for the movie! I am hoping it will come out while I am back in Mississippi.

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